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Arm Bracelet

An arm bracelet will be given to you when you have completed all necessary registration fees and paperwork including a mandatory liability waiver.  PLEASE KEEP THIS BRACELET ON AT ALL TIMES DURING THE THREE DAY EVENT.  The bracelet will serve as your entry into the ski area and will allow you entrance into the rifle range.  All bracelets will be checked prior to race wave start and participants will not be allowed to race without it. The bracelet is a backup to the bib.


Gold ,Silver and Bronze medallion awards will be given for standard Juniors by 2 year interval groups, Masters, Wounded Warrior and Elite racers for both sexes in the 3k, 4.5k and 7.5k races.  The “Beginner Adult” 3k 25 meter race on Saturday will not differentiate on age levels and will offer awards for first ,second and third overall male and female.  An award will be given to the top combined (three lowest times) National Guard State Units.  Elite competitors will be separated from Masters and awards will be offered for first , second, and third overall male and female. “Top Shot” awards will be given for marksmanship.  See “Medal Category” page for more details on awards.

Award Ceremony

Awards for all Saturday and Sunday Races will be given each day at the Reds Lake Biathlon Stadium immediately following race completion.  Special effort will be made to complete the awards in a timely fashion especially on Saturday with Children racers in mind.

Biathlon Sample Format

Ski lap #1 (1.5 k loop)

Shoot bout #1 (5 shots prone (lying down)

Ski 150 meters penalty for all missed shots

Ski lap #2 (1.5k loop)

Shoot 5 bout #2 (5 shots standing)

Ski 150 meter penalty for all missed shots

Ski lap #3 to finish (1.5k loop)

  1.   3 Kilometer Race  - SATURDAY RACES – (Juniors 8-19, Wounded Warriors and Beginner Adults) will shoot 2 bouts prone on large 11cm targets only at 25 meters.  They will not  ski lap #3.  Instead, racers will ski to the finish after the last penalty lap of shooting bout #2. Penalty loop is 75 meters.
  1.  4.5 kilometer race  - SUNDAY RACES – (Master racers) Racers will ski the sample format listed above with 2 bouts of shooting at 50 meters (1 prone on large 11 cm target, 1 standing on large 11cm target). Penalty lap equals 150 meters.
  1.  7.5 Kilometer race  - SUNDAY RACES (Elite) will include 4 bouts of shooting, 5 ski laps total. 2 bouts on prone small 4.5cm targets followed by 2 bouts on large 11cm standing targets at 50 meters.  Penalty lap equals 150 meters.

Bibs (Race)

Race Bibs Sponsored by Ford Motor Company will be given to you at registration.  Race bibs should be worn at all times on the resort during all practice, laser clinic and race activities to serve as visible identification of participant status.  Race bibs should be immediately turned in at the completion of the race to Volunteer Staff.

Bibs (Race Official)

Brightly colored “Race Official” bibs Sponsored by Ford Motor Company will be handed out to shooting lane judges and Start/Finish/timing judges on the day of the event at the biathlon Stadium.  Please turn in these bibs for next day use at the Finish area at the end of the day.

Bib and Bracelet Pickup (participant)

Race bibs  and arm bracelets can be picked up at the following locations and times:  See “Race Packet Pickup” section for more details.

Friday: (1200-2000). Snowcreek Athletic Club

Saturday:(0700-0900):  Mammoth Mountain Race Center (Stand Alone Building between  Main Lodge and Chair 11)

Sunday: (0700-0900): Mammoth Mountain Race Center (Stand alone Building between main Lodge and Chair 11).

Cross Country Ski Supplies/wax

Cross country ski race  equipment, wax and apparel can be located at the following sponsor locations in Mammoth,

Brian’s Cross XC Skis and Bikes (760) 924 – 8566, Xcski.com,

Kittredge Sports (760) 934-7566,

Footloose Sports (760) 934- 2400,

Mammoth Mountaineering (760)934- 4191.

Cowbell Fundraiser

Cowbells will be sold at Brian’s XC Ski and Bikes as a fundraiser for Eastern Sierra Nordic Ski Association.  One half of all net proceeds will be donted towards junior XC Ski Development.  Cowbells were donated, in part, by Brian’s XC Skis and Bikes and Eyes to See Media.  Price $9. Please buy a cowbell and make some noise for the cameras!


Tax exempt donations can be made to Eastern Sierra Nordic Ski Association 501c3 at: ESNSA 501c3, PO Box 1555, Mammoth Lakes, CA. USA 93546.

Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra 501c3

Contact: Maggie Palchak.  mpalchak@disabledsportseasternsierra.org or Mammoth Mountain Operator(760) 934-2571

Food and Beverage Concessions

Concessions from the Mammoth Mountain Burrito Cat will be sold on-site in the Vendor Village.   Vitamin water and Gatorade will be available.   Mammoth Brewing has donated 2 kegs of the Real McCoy  Amber. Proof of 21 year age is required.

Gliders Gold Junior XC/Biathlon  Scholarships

Glider  athletes over the age of 8 who have skied the required amount of kilometers to achieve their Gold Medal Pin will receive waived entry to both the  Friday Laser rifle clinic and biathlon race for this achievement. Please sign your athlete up on Active.com for both the race and clinic and  pay standard race and clinic fees on Active.com. A refund check will be waiting for your athlete at the ESNSA tent in the Vendor Village on race day.



Course and stadium grooming will be completed by  the  Mammoth Mountain Grooming crew under the direction of Clifford Mann, Director of Operations

Liability Waiver

The liability waiver attached to the registration form on Active.com must be signed and received in order to participate in the event.  Race bibs and arm bracelets will only be issued once this waiver has been filed.  Arm bracelets are required to begin the race and/or enter the range.  Keep them on all weekend. Race bibs are required on the range, practice, clinics or race course  and identify individuals as participants. Sign the waiver, wear both.

Race Ammunition

Wolf Match Target .22 long low velocity will be provided for all community rifles.



Race Announcer

Gordy Johnson, professional sports announcer and commentator will be the official announcer for  the 2014 Mammoth Winter Biathlon.  Please see “Race Announcer” section.

Race Technical Director


Race Timing

Profession race chip timing systems will be utilized again this year.  Official “Real Time” results will be posted after the completion of each race medal category outside the yellow timing tent.

Range Distance

For all Saturday races, the range distance will be 25 meters on large standing targets.  For all Sunday races, the range distance will be 50meters.  Large targets only will be used for the 4.5k race in both prone and standing positions.    For the Elite race, standard prone (4.5cm) will be used for the shooting bouts #1 and2.  Offhand targets(11 cm) will be used for bouts #3 and 4. Devin Manufacturing metal dropdown targets will be used for all 20 lanes.


Range Hours

See Race

Registration (participant)

Race and clinic registration will be web-based on Active.com.  Race registration will close with no exceptions Tuesday, March 19 at midnight, this includes all liability forms.  Race waves and estimated wave start times will be established Wednesday afternoon and will be published on this site later that evening. Please note, we expect both the race and clinics to fill up with the race being capped at 250 participants and clinic cap at 150 participants.   Please register as soon as possible.    With regards to a minor, a legal guardian must sign.  Absolutely no exceptions will be allowed.

Rifle Ammunition and  Supplies

Eastern Sierra Armory  will have a tent and supplies in the Vendor Village.  For racers traveling and unable to bring ammunition, Eastern Sierra armory offers two options:  1.Ammunition can be shipped ahead of time to Clayton Mendel. Eastern Sierra Armory. 197 Beaver trail. Mammoth Lakes, CA USA 93546.  2.    Wolf Match Target munitions can also be purchased.  Phone number: 877 556 7262 or email clayton@easternsierraarmory.com. All ammunition will be available for pickup on March 22 at the Eastern Sierra Armory tent in the vendor village/Biathlon stadium

Rifle Spotting

Please bring your own scopes.  Spotting will be up to individual athletes for zero purposes

Rifles (Community)

Biathlon specific .22 long rifles will be provided for all racers.  These rifles will be zeroed prior to all races and clinic by the Mammoth Lakes Police Department, National Guard Biathlon Team members, NorAm Cup, World Cup, and Olympic biathletes. After your shooting bout, carefully lay the rifle down on the mat and open the bolt before leaving the lane.  Youth specific rifles x20 were obtained thru the Town of Mammoth Lakes Measure”R” recreation funding.  Clayton Mendel of Eastern Sierra Armory has donated 3 youth specific rifles as well.

Rifles (personal)

Carrying your own rifle on course is allowed and encouraged.  For the Elite 7.5km Race Sunday March 23, all competitors will be required to carry their own rifle.  Arm bracelets indicating a signed liability waiver will be checked prior to the start.  If you do not want to carry your own rifle for the 3k or 4.5k races, this is allowed and rifles can be stored on the gun racks behind the range with the bolt open 

Rifle Raffle

Clayton Mendel, Owner of Eastern Sierra Armory has donated a Biathlon specific rifle . A bib draw for this prize will occur just before the start of the Elite Race wave.  All participants must be 18 years of age or have a legal guardian.

Rifle Zero

All Community rifles will be zeroed prior to all clinic and races by qualified mammoth Lakes Police Department, National Guard National Team members, NorAm, World Cup and Olympic biathletes.  All personal rifles will be zeroed at 50 meters Sunday beginning at 0900 to 9:45 before the 4.5k race begins.  After the last competitor in the 4.5k  race leaves the range for the second bout, the range will be opened for 20 minutes prior to the start of the Elite 7.5km. No further zero time will be given.


Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol and Mammoth Nordic Ski Patrol have graciously offered their services on site.  Please seek attention of bright orange Nordic Ski Patrol or red Ski Patrol jackets if needed.  Mammoth Hospital is a short drive from Mammoth Mountain and offers a full range  of Emergency and specialty medical services.

Stadium Build out Tues March 18

The Biathlon stadium backdrop and lead collection system was designed by Cliff Stanton.  Boyer Construction has generously volunteered time towards the buildout. Many Volunteers make  this happen.  Please sign up under the “Volunteer” section of the Website. Construction begins Tuesday March18 at 08:00 at Mammoth Mountain Inn.    Bring power tools with star drive drills.  Generators will be on site.  Tools can be taken up by snowmachine. Plan on hiking, or alpine skiing to skite via chair 11,12.  Please bring appropriate clothing.  Deli meat, bread and water will be provided for lunch


For all Saturday races, the range distance will be 25 meters on large standing targets.  For all Sunday races, the range distance will be 50meters.  Large targets only will be used for the  4.5k race at 50 meters. Elite 7.5k race will shoot at 50 meters on  standard prone 4.5cm and offhand 11cm targets. Devin manufacturing dropdown targets will be used for all 20 lanes.

USBA Liaison

Danna Stroud – Contact (760) 709 6152.  Dfs1205@yahoo.com

Vendor Village

A vendor village will be set up on the East side of the biathlon stadium.  XC ski and rifle supplies will be available.  In addition, food and beverage concessions will be present.

Weather/Snow report

Mammoth weather can be checked at the Mammoth Mountain website or the Mammoth Lakes weather report by Howard Sheckter at http://www.mammothweather.com. An hourly  updated event phone will be available in the event of adverse weather.  Also, the Mammoth Mountain Website as well as this website will be updated to advise all on the possibilities of delays and/or cancellations

Weather Cancellation

In the unfortunate event of weather cancelation. Please check updated reports on this website, Mammoth Mountain website, or Tamarack Lodge phone (760) 934 2442.  Our initial contingency plan would be to cancel the shooting portion of the biathlon and host a XC ski race.

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