Barnraising Breakdown

1. Breakdown to begin at approximately 1300 tomorrow….all hands on deck.
Get Lunch at Burrito Cat before work begins. Expect to be done by 1600

2. Bring a change of boots and gloves to work in….other than ski boots.

3. Stacks of equipment will be organized under 5 signs: Container, Town,
Karch Truck, Invitational, Tamarack/Mountain.

4. Order in container: Plywood sheets, 2×4, Targets, Target legs, signage,
Fence. All square Number signs 1-20 go in black plastic case. All lane
sponsor signs stacked together.

5. All Banners will be tagged with 3 different colored stickers tomorrow
during the race (Yellow, Pink, and Green). Yellow banners go to the
container, Green banners go to the “Karch Truck” pile and Pink banners go
to the “Invitational” stack.

6. Angled Lane markers 1-7 and 7 shooting mats go to the “Invitational”
stack. The Remaining 13 mats go to “Town” stack. The remaining 13 angled
lane signs go to ” Container”

7. All Orange Net fence will be picked up by MMSA race dept after the race.

8. All 2′ and 3′ blue and red nylon fence should be tightly rolled and zip
tied and placed in Storage Trailer.

9. Both Yellow tents to “Karch Truck”

10. All Rifles to “Karch Truck” pile

11. 2 Red Honda Generators to “Karch Truck”

12. Yellow Generator to “Tamarack” stack

13. All Bamboo in one pile ” Mountain/Tamarack”

14. Speaker system to” Mountain/Tamarack” Pile.

15. Bring power drills (Batteries Charged) with T25 and T20 star bits,
scissors or pliers to cut down banner zipties.