FaMiLy FuN RaCe

In addition to your main race event, on Saturday March 22nd, you’ll be able to participate in a Family Fun Race.  Families of all ages and abilities will be invited to race in any manner they like.  Here’s Mom’s opportunity to race against her 7 year old Glider.  Or Dad and Teen can compete together in a relay type scenario against that other Dad and teen team.  Battle it out for bragging rights, or who’s going to wash the car that week.

The Family Fun Race will have the same format as the other Saturday races with a distance of 3km (if you shoot clean!), and a 25m shooting distance. There will be experienced biathletes at each shooting lane to help you shoot.  This is a Fun Race.  Be creative, dress up.  This race will not have a medal award component, but the stakes and the competition might be the most intense of the weekend.  Be sure to sign up for this $10 fun race on when you register.

Kids ages 12-19 also have the option to sign up for the 4.5km race with a 50m shooting distance on Sunday.  The fee for this extra race will be an additional $35.  Master and Senior Parents be warned, in last year’s event EVERY kid beat their parent!

Please note that in order to participate in the Family Fun Race, at least the child must also be participating in the Youth race.  Adults may choose to only race in the Family Fun Race with their child, but we encourage adults to also test their skills in one of the other races.

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