Junior Athletes












CARSON BOLD is a Junior at Mammoth High School and has been cross country skiing since he was a Glider at age 9.  He started racing on the Middle School team where enjoyed the van rides as much as the skiing.  It wasn’t until 7th grade that he finally broke out of his second to last place in EVERY race streak!  He’s proof that if you love something and stick with it, and you have VERY understanding and committed coaches, that your persistence can really become one of your life’s great successes.  Carson is also a Member of Mammoth Mountain’s Academic elite, an A Team recipient, on Far West Nordic’s Academic team and a member of the National Honor’s Society.  He was 12th in the Varsity division this year.  He has placed first in two Mammoth Biathlons and has participated in biathlon in Mammoth since its early days.  He loves the sport and cross trains by playing soccer, running track, alpine skiing, and rock climbing.  He has recently returned from Stowe, Vermont after competing in the 2014 Junior Nationals for the Far West team.

TRACE CALVIN has lived in the area since he was 2.  He started alpine skiing when he was 4.  He skied with the Mighty Mights, tried the Free Ride Team, and started Nordic skiing only after his first Biathlon.  Shooting was a big draw for him.  He started skiing with the Middle School, and is now on the High School Varsity Nordic team.  This year’s National Competition was held in Stowe, Vermont where Trace enjoyed skiing for the Far West Junior National Team. Trace loves to hunt ducks, quail, and deer.  His first deer was with a shot from over 450 yards!  Trace works hard to do well in school, play his Bari Sax and play multiple positions on the football team.  He hopes to play baseball in the spring, and enjoys mountain biking, dry land training and family trips to Oregon and Washington in the summer.  Trace’s priority list is always topped with “fun”.











AMANDA KIRKEBY is currently a Junior at Mammoth High School.  She has been Nordic skiing since she was 6 and still has a burning passion for the sport.  She has been a member of the Far West Junior National Cross Country Ski Team for 3 years competing in Soldier Hollow, Utah, Fairbanks Alaska, and Stowe, Vermont.  Amanda also was 3rd in State Championships and 2nd in league for girls High School Varsity.  This is Amanda’s 5th year in the Mammoth Biathlon and she is looking to add another gold to her collection.  In addition to Nordic skiing, Amanda plays volleyball and runs and jumps for Mammoth High School’s Varsity Track and Field, competing in the 300m hurtles, long jump, and high jump.  In the future, Amanda plans to pursue a career in cross country skiing and biathlon, hoping to eventually make it to the Olympics.  She also plans to pursue a career in Innovative Engineering and discovering renewable energy sources.


CONNER KUSUMOTO is a Freshman at Mammoth High School where he raced on the Varsity team.  He started Nordic skiing in the Gliders program while in 4th grade.  Previously, his parents had towed him on a sled on their Nordic ski outings.  Connor has just returned from Junior Nationals competition in Stowe, Vermont, representing Far West.  His greatest Nordic ski experience was winning the 2013 CNISSF Middle School State Championship race last year.  Connor also earned his Varsity letter in cross country running this year as part of his dry land training program.








CAMERON SMALL is 14 years old and is a 5-time medalist in the Mammoth Winter Biathlon – he likes a sport that combines the challenge of shooting with skiing fast!  He has been Nordic skiing since he was 7 years old in the local Gliders program and he still has FUN skiing daily at Tamarack and participating in races both locally and in the Tahoe area.  Mountain biking and alpine skiing are other sports that Cameron enjoys.  He is also an aspiring film-maker and video game developer.



JACOB MAHLER is a 9th grade Mammoth High School Student.  He has been a Nordic skier since 2nd grade and has raced the last four years for school teams.  This is Jacob’s 5th biathlon race and is looking forward to shooting his new biathlon rifle from Eastern Sierra Armory he purchased with his own earned money by working holidays and weekends!  He loves backpacking with his family, snowboarding, hanging out with friends and listening to classic rock and music from the 80′s!  Jacob is proud to have earned a spot last summer into The Devil Pups on Camp Pendleton!


HARRISON MANZANO is a 9th grader at Mammoth Lakes Academy.  A Devil Pup graduate from Pendleton, Harrison aspires to attend Annapolis upon graduating from MLA.  This is Harrison’s 3rd year racing Nordic, his 3rd year competing at the Mammoth Biathlon and his first year on the COMP team, where Harrison raced in 6 Junior National Qualifying races.  Last year at the biathlon, Harrison received a 9 out of 10 shooting.  This year, Harrison is poised to shoot clean and drastically reduce his race time – OOH RAH!  A member of the Academic Elite Team, Harrison balances academics with backpacking, rock climbing, airsoft and Green Day.  A lover of chocolate chip cookies (and his Chocolate Lab, Biscuit), Harrison enjoys time with his friends and family, writing songs and playing guitar.  Could this Officer-to-be have a side career as a rock star?!?







PHILIP OXFORD is a Senior at Mammoth High School.  He’s been racing since 7th grade and skiing since he was 2 years old.  Philip plans to attend a 4 year college next year and graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He was also Captain of the Cross Country Running Team and involved in ASB, Interact and National Honor Society.















TANNER BISSONETTE is a 14 year old 8th grader at Mammoth Middle School.  Tanner has thoroughly enjoyed being apart of the Mammoth Middle School Nordic Team for three years and previously the Glider program in elementary school.  This year, Tanner is part of the Mammoth Mountain Academic Elite Team and was an A Team recipient.  He loves to ski, play golf and connect with friends via computer games.  Although Tanner has a consistent record for the past biathlons to do all the penalty laps, his spirit is still in the sport and has fun!










ALEXIA CRAVEN is a 12 year old 7th grader at Mammoth Middle School and a second year member of the Middle School Nordic Team.  She started Nordic skiing in kindergarten and loved it!  Her other loves are music, reading and her cat Trufula.




HANNAH LINAWEAVER has been skiing with the Mammoth Middle School cross country team for the last two years.  Prior to that, she enjoyed Ms. Q’s x-country team at Mammoth Elementary for two years and Gliders through Tamarack since she was 7 years old.  Hannah received a gold medal in her first Mammoth Biathlon – four years ago and has competed in a total of three biathlons.  Hannah’s other interests include theatre, arts and science.



JARED MAHLER is a 7th grader at Mammoth Middle School.  He started Nordic skiing in the first grade and is still going strong!  This is his second year on the Middle School Nordic Team and 5th year competing in the Mammoth Biathlon!  Jared loves his annual family summer trips to Lake Tahoe and backpacking the Sierras with his Dad!  In the Nordic off season Jared plays baseball and soccer.



BARRETT MANNETTER is a 12 year old 6th grade student at Mammoth Middle School and first year athlete on the MMS Nordic Team.  Barrett enjoys living in Mammoth and all the sports that go along with that including skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, swimming, mountain biking, and kayaking.  Barrett loves going to Nordic races with the team and hanging out with his friends.  His best finish this year was first place in the Allan Bard 3km youth U12/14 Division.  Barrett’s goal for the biathlon is to win the elusive Sharp Shooter award.



DOMINIC MANZANO is a 7th grader at Mammoth Middle School.  This member of the Academic Elite Team loves to ski, play football and video games with his friends, backpack with his family and consume vast quantities of sugar.  This is Dominic’s 2nd year on the Nordic Team and his 2nd year competing at the Mammoth Biathlon.  At State Championships this year, Dominic placed 11th and ranked 13th, overall, for the season.  Last year at the Biathlon, Dominic shot clean and won the male division for his heat.  Due to a recent birthday, Dominic will be shooting prone and standing this race.  Although more challenging, Dominic’s goal is to repeat his clean shoot and dramatically decrease his race time.  His favorite subject in school is Biology and Dominic aspires to be a lawyer someday (perhaps with all that sugar, Dominic should consider a career in dentistry….).
































MEAGHAN THOMPSON has always had Nordic skiing in her blood.  Born into a Canadian family with a long history of cross country skiing, Meaghan’s first ski experience was on the lit trails in Oslo, Norway.  Although, still only a teenie tiny fetus, the advantage of this early introduction became apparent when she quickly progressed through the Glider groups at Tamarack to become a “Norwegian”.  Currently 13, Meaghan trains daily at Tamarack and  races on her Middle School Nordic Team.  This year, Meaghan finished 9th in the 2014 CNISSF State Championships, was an A Team recipient, and is a member of the  Mammoth Mountain Academic Elite.  While Meaghan has medaled in each of her 4 Mammoth Biathlons, she is most looking forward to AGAIN mercilessly beating her father in Sunday’s 4.5 km event.