Rifle Range Hours

Friday March 21

0900 – 1400:

1.  Range is open for live fire Lanes 11-20. 50 meters.  No Ammunition provided.

2.  Range is open for Live Rifle Clinic Lanes 1-10. 50 meters See Active.com for sign up. Participants in clinic MUST have there own rifle and ammunition and ski up to Venue.  No mechanized transport provided to site.  NOTE: YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR THIS LIVE CLINIC on Active .com.  NO WALK-ONS ALLOWED.  Out of courtesy to the instructor and paid participants, Please do not ask onsite: NO EXCEPTIONS.


Saturday March 22


1.  Range is open for rifle zero on paper.  NOTE: Lanes 1-15 closed to general public so that community rifles and be zeroed by MLPD and Biathlon staff at 25 meters on Lanes 1-15.  Lanes 16-20 open for free use at 25 meters only.  Please bring your own scope and ammo for personal rifles. Range closes at 0945.  No exceptions.


Sunday March 23


1.  Range is open for rifle zero on paper at 50 meters.  Lanes 1-10 reserved for zero of Community rifles by MLPD and Biathlon staff.  Please bring your own scope and ammo.  Lanes 11-20 open at 50 meters for General use.  Range closes promptly at 0945. No exceptions