Saturday Work List

1.USE CROSSWALK AREAS ONLY DURING SETUP. Please do not walk on course except at designated crosswalk areas

** set crosswalk signs

2.  Disabled Race course change – make course cut to eliminate hill #1  Hit with snowmobile. Ski pack and pinflag. No fence needed. Survey pinflags in boxes by tent. No course closure needed…DSES Volunteers will guide athletes into the new ski cut

3. Refill fuel Honda (Karch Red) generator.

4. Set up Electronics for Whit.  Plug into large  (Moyer Yellow ) Generator. Extension cords in tent.  Put generator far away for noise reduction.

5. Karch (Honda Red) Generator to timing electronics (Yellow Alaskan tent) 6. (Mendel Red) Honda Generator – check fuel and bring to start area.

7. Town Start  Balloon – hook to (Mendel Red ) Honda Generator, stake to snow with 2′ wood stakes, Sledge hammer is in (Karch) Fabric  toolbag by Tents. Blow up Ballon Start.

8. Roll out target strings, roll out  Mats at 25 mters. Check to make sure mats are square to targets.

9.  Set up  vendor tents on outside perimeter of penalty lap…Use Crosswalks only.

10. Water to finish area, Beer to finish 11. All rifles out of storage and on the line.  All kids rifles lanes 1-20 12. Ammo cans out of tent to shooting line 13. Paper cups. Fill 20 cups  with ammo and place on each shooting point 14.Yellow  Race Official bibs from tent are to shooting line 15.  Paint course markings 16. Zero check on all guns at 0900. CONSERVE AMMO!

17. Target reset refresher instruction to all lane judges 17. Shot count cards to front line, refresher to shot counters.  Pens in tent.

18. Plywood sheet. Plywood at right side of range to right of target one. setup to post results as they are printed.  Set up plywood b y Burrito cat.

19. Award Medals from tent to podium

20. Sunday loop fence closure

21. Volunteer post at Shoot/finish lap decision point 22. Trash bags set up, recycling bag set up.  Burrito cat area.

23. Banner hanging-zipties in tent.

24. Timing mats.  Dig tench and bury at start finish.

25. Distribute radios/radio check x 8: Moyer, Schacht, Karch, Perry, Boyer, Raymond, Ulmer, Luthi