Getting to the Race

How do I get to the Biathlon Stadium?

We will be offering 4 categories of ticketed mechanized shuttle transportation to the 2013 Mammoth Winter Reds Lake Biathlon Stadium. Please Park in the Main Lodge Parking Area and take shuttle busses up to Chair 11 in front of the Gondola.

Click here for complete shuttle/lift schedule.

1.      ATHLETES.  All registered athletes will have a 2 time (uphill only lift) access to Chair 11 and shuttle service to the Venue. On race day, please wear your official Ford Race bib and trail pass at all times when using Chair 11 and the shuttle.  The bib identifies you as being a paid participant in the 2013 Mammoth Winter Biathlon.  The arm bracelet must be worn at all times and identifies the fact that your liability forms have been completed. Beginning at 0800 on Saturday and Sunday, Athletes can board Chair 11 with their XC skis on(Base of Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge). From the top of Chair 11, Athletes will ski approximately 200 meters of flat beginner terrain, following signage toward chair 12, to the snowcat loading spot. From there, athletes will take mechanized Snowcat transport up White Bark Ridge hill to the top of the grade. From the top of the grade shuttle drop, it is approximately 400 meters of flat beginner XC skiing to the Venue site. The cost of the shuttle is inclusive in the general race fee. See “Transportation Schedule” section on website for shuttle times

2.     NON-SKIING SPECTATORS – Non- Skiing spectators can purchase a $10.00 shuttle pass from the Race Center (building between Chair 1 and 11 at main lodge). Shuttle service will be provided at 09:30 at pickup will be on snow in front of the Mammoth Mountain Inn. For this ticket only, one round trip shuttle ride will be provided.

3.     ALPINE OR XC SKIING SPECTATORS: Spectators who can ski can purchase a $10.00 shuttle ticket at the MMCF HQ between chairs 1 and 11. This is a 2 time uphill lift/shuttle access to the event and does not provide access to the rest of the ski mountain. See lift and shuttle details above in Athlete section.

4.   USSA FAMILY SKI PASS: Spectators who do not have a Mammoth Mountain Pass but who want to both watch the event and Alpine Ski can purchase a day pass for $60 each day.This pass entitles the holder to full lift access as well as spectator access to the Biathlon event.

**Participants with a Mammoth Mountain season pass can  alpine ski to the site via Chairs 11 and 12 heading to the backside of the mountain (chair 13 and 14 area).

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