Race Director Work Notes

T Minus 1 Year

1. Annuals:

a.  Reorder ammo, 5000 rounds, set race date for next year, confirm date with Tamarack, Mammoth Mountain, Far West and USBA for conflicts with USBA Nationals

b.  Complete budget, pay bills, donation to ESNSA for Juniors

c.  Discussions with Web Designer, Marketing Director, Volunteer Director, Clinic Director, and Registration Director.  RE: Expectations

d.  Contact National Guard and Pickle Meadow USMC participation and funding

e.  Toilets

f.  Thank you notes to Sponsors and Volunteers

g.  Hotwash Race recap meeting

h.  Mammoth Community Foundation Biathlon – set aside equipment and restore in container.

2.  Marketing and Website

a.  Marketing Director to Contact all previous sponsors

b.  newspaper/ radio/ facebook

c.  Establish Marketing/Sponsorship Packages with Marketing Director

d.  All info type on Website

3.  USBA

a.  Find Sponsor for Athlete Flights/Housing/food

b.  Contact USBA

c.  Establish Elite coordinator to coordinate flights, pickups, rental cars, clinics, housing

d.  Rental Cars and Housing Elites

e.  Athlete Bios on web

4.  Town

a.  Review Liability Contract town rifles and mats: Sign

b.  Contact Range Master

c.  All town rifles transferred Biathlon week after signed contract :

d.  rifles cleaned and sighted

e.  Renew pyrotechtics license every 2 years with MLPD

5.  Mountain

a.  Review liability Contract – RD

b. Review liability Contract – athletes

c.  Meet with Roy/Michele/Dave and review cost of Snowcats, fuel, Marketing, graphics, signage, lift use.

d.  Create Snowmachine schedule for Biathlon week (Groomers, snowmobile, sherpa, crewcuts, shuttles, lifts, early ups, takedown, toilets, VIPs, DSES, spectators, racers, parents)

e.  Review Special lift passes prices and add to race ticket price.

f.  Race department requests: Fence 4000 feet, drill, tables x 2, radios x 20, speaker system, BAMBOO – in Short supply!!!!!

6.  Contacts

a.  Race Announcer – Whit Raymond – reserve 1 year in advance !!!!

b.  Race Timing – Jeff Ulmer – reserve 1 year in advance !!!!

c.  Race medals – Madera trophy Manufacturing (David) – Cast made.  Reserve 1 year in advance

d.  Registration – On Active.com – Create site at least 4 months if not more in advance, open site 3 months out.

e.  Website, Marketing,Registration:  Dave Page, Sandra DiDomizio, Susan Stavlo

f.  Special Sponsors: Dave Schacht

g.  Signs: Dave Schultz

h. USBA: Piotr Bednarsky, John Morton, Max Cobb

i.  Targets: Jeff Perry (local expert on targets) Devin Manufacturing NY (BT500)

T Minus 2 Weeks

Stadium Survey

Materials: GPS on phone, mason line x 250 meters (2 spools), 50 meter tape, bamboo x 20 poles. 2 tape measures (inch or cm), sharpie pen, power drill, screws, scissors/knife.  4 persons best: one runner on skis, 3 for 3,4,5 triangle square.

a.  60 meter x 5 meter backline for target platform with 1 meter on each wing extra for backboards=62 meters left to right. 20 targets on 3 meter center =60 meters.

b.  Once 62 x 5 platform is measure and staked with bamboo, create batter board with 3 short bamboo poles on each wing left and right at 62 meters.

c.  Create Target line off batter board with Mason string, allow 2 meters behind target line for backboard build and storage space and 1 meter in from of target line for work area

d. Square wing lines left and right off of target line using 3,4,5 triangle and sighting.

e.  Mark wing lines with bamboo (left and right) at 20, 25,35, 45,50 and 60 meters with bamboo.  25 and 50 meters are target lines, 20 and 35 represent 25 meter platform and 45 and 60 meters represent 50 meter platform.  Now 3 platforms have been marked: Target (5 meter depth) 25 meter (15 meter depth) and 50 meter (15 meter depth)

f.  Square corners with 3,4,5 triangle measure.

2.  Course Survey

Materials: GPS, skis/skins, bamboo poles 30

a.  Create 1 meter and 1.5 meter course and confirm on GPS distance to +/- 0.01km.  Short fast loops with spectator visibility at all times to watch race develop and change.  Clover leaf out and backs so racers “feel” their competitors in front and behind them.  Technical “mousetrap” 1 km loop and extended “stretch your legs” feel to 1.5k lap. , Short, steep hills visible to spectators to create accordion/slinky effect in race pack and then open wide sections to “open up” . Wide groom for passing lanes. Fenced in course “Entire Course” to create mousetrap feel and increase intensity and also to inhibit walkers on course.

b.  Bamboo on skier”s left for groomer

c.  Consider gated closures for disabled and junior racers versus Master/elite

d.  Create Start/Finish common area for timer and announcer, Gated wait are for “on deck” skiers.

e.  Create Penalty lap area as “Center Stage”  with Announcer in Center.  make the Penalty lap the center of attention.

f.  Organize and inventory Storage trailer BEFORE work crew.

g. Cat Groomer to visit site, ride in cat with him, direct communication, verbalize course and have a copy of course drawn to scale for driver.

3.  Pickups/Confirmations/Payments

a.  Rifles MLPD

b.  Mats: Town of Mammoth lakes

c.  Generators – service and fuel… TEST!

d.  Disposables: Screws, Visquine plastic, zipties, toilet paper, hand sanitizer

e.  Rifles cleaned and ready – T minus 2 weeks

f.  Ammo – count and check/ Reorder for next year

g.  Race medals – receive in mail.  Order 5 months ahead minimum

h.  Confirmation of Elite flights, housing, rental car – 2 weeks

i. Confirmation of next year race date with Mountain Race Dept, FarWest, Tamarack, USBA for conflict with Nationals – 1 year ahead.

j.  Cut refund checks to Announcer, Timer, and Glider Gold Athletes to be distributed at ESNSA tent


T Minus 4

3.Range Buildout (Tuesday before Race)

Materials: Star Drive T20 x 1.5 inch and T25 x 2.5 inch (5 lbs box each) , 6 drill bits, 6 power drills, charged batteries.  Mason line 250 inches, (2 x 4 x4 batter boards x2), Sherpa sled, snowmobiles, mason spray paint, 1/2 inch wrenches crescent, visquine plastic drop 60 meters length x 6 feet wide. 1000 meters fence line. Generator/fuel. power saw. Ski Patrol rope line x 3, Danger/Live fire signage.


a.  12 Volunteers Max…(More than that difficult to stay ahead of and keep occupied, dangerous with building and heavy targets), 4 skilled carpenter with their own drills and bits. 4 people unloading lumber off trailer on Sherpa and snowmobile, (STAY AHEAD OF CARPENTERS), 2 drivers of snow machines, 2 people on Tents,unskilled volunteers on Targets (unload and assemble in front of backdrop).  Snowcat groomer already done with Target Platform the night before to allow to freeze. Before it starts, quick snowcat safety lecture to crew. WATCH for Quick moving, less experienced, eager volunteers around snow machines/targets/power tools.

b.  Batter board at 62 meters length with 2 meters behind line and 1 meter in front.  Spray paint mason line so visible. Lumber layer out in stacks (triangle and half triangle end brackets, 2x4x16, 2x4x8, black 4×8 x3/4 plywood, 4×8,1/2 composite floor board).  Designed so each 8×8 “unit” repeats pattern down the line.  Backdrop wall built 18″ behind target mason line. Keep unloading lumber crew ahead of carpenters.

c.  Once backdrop wall sequence built, follow with visquine plastic on ground with 2 feet tucked under wall and 4 feet to front.  DO NOT GET AHEAD of Carpenters as Visquine on snow dangerous.

d.  Floorboard 4x8x1/2 composite fits in front of wall on visquine

e.  targets to follow on floorboard roughly spaced.

f.  Targetline rope (yellow rope square knotted to red rope with survey tape and sharpie mark) marked at 3 meter intervals.  Rope starts on lookers right  with 36 inches from right end of backboard.  Target Center= 26.25 inches.

g.  Timing tent and announcer tent set up and staked down, Generators and race signage put in tent for weight.

h.  Ski Patrol Ropeline set behind the course and to lookers right and left with signage.

i.  Lunch for Volunteers (meat, bread, condiments,cookies, 2 cases beer for week, water)

f.  White paddles screwed and tightened onto targets.


T Minus 3

4.  Target Center/Plumb/Level/Distance

Materials:  2 levels/magnitized, 2 tape measures, sledge hammer, 4×4 blocks, 2,4 ,6 blocks, 1/2 crescent wrench,  3 meter on center yellow/red rope off batter board. plumber aluminum tape x 10 roles, T20 x 1.5 screws, power drill/bit, prybar

a.  All Targets checked, all spare parts ordered ahead of time (see Devin Manufacturing, Upstate NY  - BT 500 target parts list).  All parts in “Target” tool box.  Local Contact: Jeff Perry.

b. 2 workers – Approximately 5 hours work in storm with lunch

c.  Order of importance and priority: Center on 3 meter rope mark (no variance ((NV), plumb (NV), level (NV), distance from backdrop wall (+/- 2 inch varience)

d.  Center on 3 meter Rope  (yellow squared to red with sharpie mark).  Rope is set with 36 inches on lookers right from right edge of backdrop wall.  Center of first target (lookers right) is 26.25 inches from right edge of first target.  Every target to follow moving lookers left is centered on 3 meter mark Top Dead Center Target Charlie (A,B,  C , D, E).

e. Plumb using vertical level, loosed set screw lookers left, elevate.

f. Level using horizontal level with 2x4x6 blocks in front and 4×4  blocks in back.

e.  Distance from back wall least priority as plumb and level affect target reset action.  measure using 2 tape measures  and move unit fore or aft.

f.  Strap using plumbers tape and T20 screws,  target left front and back priority as line of pull on reset rope is left target.  if have extra plumbers tape, sharp right side of target front and back.  Note, this will delay takedown….buys time as there are many volunteers and the lumber from the backdrop needs to come down first and be stored in the container before the targets.

g.  Re Charge Batteries overnight.

h.  Toilets delivered to parking lot: 1 DSES, 5 Regular.  Buy extra toilet paper and hand santitizer.

5.  Race Registration

a.  Registration should close 23:59 on Tuesday

b.  Wed pm: organize race waves, estimated start times and racer bio notes on Xcel spreadsheet. post on website and forward to announcer.  Local Contact: Susan Stavlo.

c.  Maximize kid medal potentials by creating 2 year age groups instead of standard “Junior” groups.  Estimate 30 minutes per wave (Note: to get thru 2 bouts of shooting only; next wave starts when last racer completes 10th shot, not when they finish the race).  Disabled race: Estimate 45 minutes.

d.  Cede Elite Racers as follows:  Honorary racer Bib #1, Last Years Men winner #2, Last years Women Racer bib #3, etc.

T Minus 2

6.  Stadium Completion

Materials: Drill for fence, power drills, T20 screws with 1 inch washers, zip ties (400 heavy duty), bamboo x 10, 50 meter tape, sherpa, snowmobile,

Goals:  Finish bannering out backboard, fence entire course, bamboo top gate closures for quick open/close, toilets delivered onsite, measure and fence penalty lap(s) at 75 meters and 150 meters.  Speaker system transported onsite.

7.  Special Volunteer Thank you Dinner

8.  Clinics

a.  load all rifles for range

b.  check all lasers (batteries)  and sight